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Q: Why Do Non 12 Step Rehab Programs Have Much Higher Success Rates?

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A: 12 Step Rehabs Do Not Rehabilitate

Presently, 12 Step drug and alcohol rehabs comprise nearly 95% of all treatment programs in the US, yet they have only 5-10% success rates. Why is this and how has this become acceptable?

When we look at the word: Rehabilitate - it means to restore to good condition and health. It comes from the Latin "rehabilitare" meaning to make fit again. Non 12 step rehab programs are built totally around this concept.

However, this is not at all what 12 Step drug rehab centers provide. Instead, the idea of "rehabilitation" has been completely replaced with the concept of having an "incurable disease". As a result, people are forced to accept that they cannot get better and cannot overcome their drug or alcohol addiction. This philosophy is completely contrary to the purpose of rehabilitating someone, and actually perpetuates addiction. It would be fair to say that if a rehab facility is using a Twelve step or disease-based model of treatment - an addict is not really being rehabilitated. In fact, many experts and former addicts would argue that they are being made worse under this form of "treatment."

Therefore, as you search for drug rehab programs and alcohol rehab treatment centers to get help for an addiction, the first and foremost thing to know is that this idea of an incurable disease is a lie. Non 12 step rehab centers have proven this for years. And while there are a number of other reasons that Twelve Step treatment can be problematic, it is this idea of incurable disease at the core of it all, that is most destructive. It tells a person that they cannot get better and as a result - they do not.

Happy ManNon 12 Step rehab treatment centers offer a completely different take on the matter and have been demonstrating successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation for decades. By comparison to all of the 12 step programs that exist, there are fewer Non 12 step rehab facilities. But nearly all Non 12 step drug rehab programs typically have success rates that are 70% or better. When using a Non 12 step treatment approach, the philosophy is that there is nothing incurable about the alcohol or drug addiction. They know that something can be done about addiction and with proper rehabilitation a person can be restored back to health - both physically and emotionally.

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