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  • You are not powerless.
  • Addiction is not a disease and that you are certainly not incurable.
  • You have within you the ability to change and regain control over your thoughts, behavior, actions, abilities and life.

Prior to the 1930's people found that there was very little being offered in the way of treating alcoholism. In the late 1930's - 40's two men who had struggled with addiction created what is now known as Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. This created a grass roots fellowship that would promote the 12 steps of their treatment philosophy and program.

What may be most fascinating about this movement, however, is that it may prove very well the theory that human nature leans toward the comforting notion that 'something is better than nothing'. In this case, the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 step movement shows us that even the founders of AA tracked their success rates at only around 5%. Yet, because it offered a structured philosophy that could be followed and passed along in simple text or by word of mouth, any 'addiction technology' in the absence of no previous technology was widely adopted.

More than 90% experience continued addiction and/or relapse when attending AA, NA or inpatient rehab that uses the 12 step treatment model. When studies are conducted to find out why success rates are so low, there are many reasons that are found to exist. There are, however, a couple of top issues that patients discuss repeatedly. These include how they are not able to submit themselves fully to the idea that a Higher Power is the only way to solve their problems; and perhaps an even more fundamental issue is being told they have an incurable disease and are powerless over their addiction.

More recently, this concept of addiction as a disease has spiraled so deeply out of control that it is now common protocol to prescribe highly addictive replacement medications to get someone off of the drugs or alcohol that they were seeking rehabilitation from. This only results in trading one addiction for another. There may be no more damning evidence of failure than this as it shows how treatment has degraded down to admitting no ability to cure and thus, the last option is to simply replace the addiction with another substance.

We believe that much of that is not only unnecessary, it's emotionally and physically hurtful for the many who could actually find freedom from their addictions if they knew that other successful alternatives to the twelve step disease method of treatment exists. was created and staffed by volunteer counselors who want to use the power of the internet to help educate those suffering from substance abuse that there are other, often much better, solutions to fully and finitely ending their addictions.

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