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    Aetna Insurance & Prescription Drug Rehab

    Drug and alcohol addiction has spread and swept across the nation since the turn of the century.  For many decades the United States has been faced with a drug and alcohol addiction problems of some kind, but the turn of the century brought on what was without a doubt the worst addiction problem that the nation had ever seen before.

    One, key factor has made this problem and this area particularly disturbing and worrisome, and this is the sheer prevalence of addiction to prescription drugs.  According to a rather breaking report done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) prescription drug abuse has quickly become one of the absolute top public health concerns in the United States.  The number of drug overdose deaths that now occur each and every year in the U.S. (a sad majority of which actually result from legal, supposedly “safe” prescription drugs that we are told will help us) doubled in 29 states since the year of 1999.  This leads to a need for Aetna insurance covered prescription drug rehabs and other rehab centers that accept other forms of health insurance too.

    Prescription drug abuse and addiction in the United States has become a very critical issue, particularly amongst young adults, teens, and adolescents.  For example, in 2005 four and a half million teenagers (teens from the ages of 12 to 17) in the United States admitted to having taken prescription, opiate-based painkillers recreationally.  In addition to that, more than two and a half million took a prescription stimulant such as Ritalin or Adderall recreationally.  Well over two million such young adults abused over-the-counter drugs such as cough syrup or cold medicine.  Again, another reason why prescription rehab covered by Aetna and other insurances is needed now more so than ever.  Such rehab centers would actually be able to successfully address these issues and really help the people who seem to continue to get hooked on these types of drugs.

    The Worrying Factor of Prescription Drug Abuse and What to Do About It

    There is an interesting correlation here that not many people are all that aware of.  Studies from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) show that the production, distribution, sale, and proliferation of pharmaceutical prescription drugs into the hands of the American populace increased by well over 300% between the years of 2001 and 2005.  Concerning and worrisome, to say the least (especially since it was during this exact same time period too that the abuse of such drugs absolutely skyrocketed).  Furthermore, the United States only makes up for about four or five percent of the entire planet’s population but the nation consumes almost 80% of the entire world’s supply of prescription drugs. Truly we are living in an absolutely overmedicated society, and it all started around the turn of the century when pharmaceutical companies 3Xed the production of their drugs.

    Aetna insurance prescription drug rehab centers and programs stand out as being amongst the best programs for helping individuals who are addicted to prescription drugs.  In fact, any rehab center of any kind that accepts insurance and helps people with prescription drug addiction is truly magnificent for assisting those who are devastatingly addicted to prescription drugs.  With such rehab centers, people are actually able to win against this addiction crisis and come out on the other side victorious and ready to go on to the next adventure of life.  Inpatient rehab centers are able to provide individuals with the help that they need to face life without having to turn to pills.

    Most Insurance Accepted

    Unfortunately, most insurance only covers approximately 30 days of treatment. Some individuals, due to the type and specifics of the addiction or just personal preference, desire to stay in rehab for a longer period. In those cases, they would need to pay for the extra time out-of-pocket.

    It is always a good idea to check to see what portion, if any, your insurance will cover for substance abuse treatment. If your policy will not fully cover all the costs, you could ask the program if they allow payment installments; or there is the option of medical necessity loan options.

    You want to find a program that your insurance will cover AND is effective. Unfortunately, it is complicated which insurance coverage is accepted at what recovery center for what specific treatment protocols. The easiest way to know if you have coverage is to speak with one of our counselors. Besides being able to tell you more about what type of programs to consider, they will be able to compare your insurance coverage against each center’s acceptance.

    Some might suggest, “Any treatment is better than no treatment.” Even though this is well intended, it is not true. Long-term studies show that those who relapse after treatment are far less likely to return to rehab in the future. This only emphasizes the fact that it is important to find a program that has proven to be successful. Do it right the first time.

    Learn more about successful drug recovery with Aetna. Call 1-844-259-4078