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    BCBS Insurance & Drug Rehab

    Drug addiction and drug abuse of any and all kinds has caused some worry in the nation with a seemingly never-ending problem of rather epic proportions.  Substance abuse as a whole is the U.S.’s number one health concern, according to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last year.  In fact, not only was substance abuse the number one most concerning health-related problem last year, it also ranked on the top ten most concerning problems in the entire nation period.

    In times like these, it is becoming pretty clear and pretty apparent that this issue just seems to make bigger and bigger problems with no real sign of them dropping down or relaxing any time soon.  BCBS insurance covered drug rehab centers do some good in the country to help address the addiction problem through rehabilitation, but even in those cases those who are addicted and struggling have to at least be ready and willing to seek out treatment for their addiction problems.  Sadly, a large percentage of Americans who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are not willing to go to rehab.

    Crisis interventions for drug and alcohol abuse are now becoming more needed and necessary than ever before in this nation because addicts are generally speaking not willing to go to rehab. Studies have now shown in recent years that the current percentage of American drug and alcohol addicts who are NOT willing to seek out drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation numbers as high as ninety percent if not even higher than that.  Concerning, to say the least, but something that can be addressed with intervention and rehabilitation.  The concept that one can just “deal with his or her addiction” is more prevalent than ever before, making the vast majority of the addicted populace who are struggling with their substance abuse habits feel as though they do not need rehab, and that they don’t really have a problem to begin with either.

    Addressing Drug and Alcohol Addiction with BCBS Insurance Covered Rehab Centers

    No matter how hard of an addiction problem one has, the problem is never so dangerous and deadly that it cannot be effectively addressed with inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations.  These centers do it all, as they can detox chemically dependent addicts, rehabilitate those who need the help, and even provide aftercare, legal help for criminal addicts, coping strategies, relapse prevention, group sessions, one on one counseling, holistic therapies, and a wide plethora of other services.

    There is no substitute for an inpatient, residential approach to addiction treatment.  No substitute.  For addicts who have some kind of coverage through health insurance, this is quite helpful for them as they are able to go to rehab without having to front a particularly large bill.  BCBS insurance drug rehab and other rehab centers that accept other forms and methods of insurance are quite helpful to addicts.  With rehab centers like this, any addict of any age, sex, demographic, income level, ethnicity, language, or addiction no matter how bad or severe can and should get the help that they need to focus on having a life that is sober and abstinent.


    Most Insurance Accepted

    Unfortunately, most insurance only covers approximately 30 days of treatment. Some individuals, due to the type and specifics of the addiction or just personal preference, desire to stay in rehab for a longer period. In those cases, they would need to pay for the extra time out-of-pocket.

    It is always a good idea to check to see what portion, if any, your insurance will cover for substance abuse treatment. If your policy will not fully cover all the costs, you could ask the program if they allow payment installments; or there is the option of medical necessity loan options.

    You want to find a program that your insurance will cover AND is effective. Unfortunately, it is complicated which insurance coverage is accepted at what recovery center for what specific treatment protocols. The easiest way to know if you have coverage is to speak with one of our counselors. Besides being able to tell you more about what type of programs to consider, they will be able to compare your insurance coverage against each center’s acceptance.

    Some might suggest, “Any treatment is better than no treatment.” Even though this is well intended, it is not true. Long-term studies show that those who relapse after treatment are far less likely to return to rehab in the future. This only emphasizes the fact that it is important to find a program that has proven to be successful. Do it right the first time.

    Learn more about successful drug recovery with BCBS. Call 1-844-259-4078