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    BCBS Insurance & Prescription Drug Rehab

    Drug and alcohol addiction has certainly left its mark on the United States, to a degree, in fact, that is so serious and so concerning that, the substance abuse issue is now being addressed as a full on addiction epidemic according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Though drug and alcohol addiction truly has never been this bad before, the nation is trying hard to work something out so that the issue can be corrected.

    Currently, the best plan of attack has arrived in the form of inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations.  These centers above them all possess the necessary skills and tools to really move forward and work through substance abuse and get rid of it completely.

    The nation needs rehab now more so than ever too.  The addiction crisis truly is out of control, and now more than ever addicts need BCBS insurance covered rehab centers and other centers and programs that accept other forms of health insurance.  Some of the biggest problems that necessitate BCBS insurance rehab centers have been with prescription drug abuse, this really creating a need for BCBS insurance prescription drug rehab centers more specifically.

    The sheer statistics on drug and alcohol addiction are pretty grim and gruesome by themselves:

    • Prescription drug abuse is coming up and becoming more and more frequent in emergency room visits every single year.  Over a full million and a half emergency room visits involved the non-medical use and abuse of addictive and frankly rather quite dangerous prescription medications in the year of 2014.
    • The facade portrayed by the AMA that prescription drugs are 100% helpful and 100% safe is getting old.  Medical emergencies and near-death experiences that result from prescription drug abuse have at this point increased by a little over one-hundred and thirty-two percent over the last seven years alone.  Between 2001 and 2005, they increased by over three-hundred percent, and that’s when the pharmaceutical company tripled their production of the drugs.
    • Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in the United States is very common and relevant today and realistically has been since the turn of the century.  In fact, it is estimated that just over twenty-three million Americans of the age of twelve suffer from severe alcohol and/or drug addiction and substance abuse issues in some way, shape, or form.
    • To break down who exactly is addicted to what and how bad it is, just in the United States alone there are more than a full fifteen million individuals who are dependent on alcohol, a little over four million who are dependent on illegal drugs of some kind, and about five million who are addicted to both drugs and alcohol at the same time too.

    The Need for BCBS Insurance Prescription Drug Rehab

    BCBS insurance prescription drug rehab is a rehab center that is able and capable of addressing and helping people with their drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation problems.  It is a rehab center that specializes in focusing on drug addiction as it pertains to prescription drug addiction.  Such a rehab center can provide exemplary and successful services to those who really need help in getting down from drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good.

    These are the rehab centers that need to be pursued.  These are the programs that need to be engaged in.  Now more than ever Americans need to beat addiction.


    Most Insurance Accepted

    Unfortunately, most insurance only covers approximately 30 days of treatment. Some individuals, due to the type and specifics of the addiction or just personal preference, desire to stay in rehab for a longer period. In those cases, they would need to pay for the extra time out-of-pocket.

    It is always a good idea to check to see what portion, if any, your insurance will cover for substance abuse treatment. If your policy will not fully cover all the costs, you could ask the program if they allow payment installments; or there is the option of medical necessity loan options.

    You want to find a program that your insurance will cover AND is effective. Unfortunately, it is complicated which insurance coverage is accepted at what recovery center for what specific treatment protocols. The easiest way to know if you have coverage is to speak with one of our counselors. Besides being able to tell you more about what type of programs to consider, they will be able to compare your insurance coverage against each center’s acceptance.

    Some might suggest, “Any treatment is better than no treatment.” Even though this is well intended, it is not true. Long-term studies show that those who relapse after treatment are far less likely to return to rehab in the future. This only emphasizes the fact that it is important to find a program that has proven to be successful. Do it right the first time.

    Learn more about successful drug recovery with BCBS. Call 1-844-259-4078