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    There has been a rising crisis when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction that just seems to continue to go up and get worse and worse as the years go by with no real sign or indication of these problems coming down or relaxing or getting any better any time soon.  When it comes down to it, certain states suffer more seriously than others do, but the simple fact of the matter is that without a doubt all states suffer from these problems in one way or another.  One of the states in the Midwest which have been seriously affected by these problems has been Indiana.

    The trends in Indiana when it comes to deaths as a result of substance abuse seem to be on the rise, and many are calling this upswing in drug overdose fatalities a legitimate epidemic of the very worst kind not only in Indiana but all across the United States of America for that matter. The rise of prescription painkillers alone and by itself may actually hold the key as to why this is though.

    When the problem with overdose deaths and hard times in Indiana are more closely looked at, it can be seen that in the 1990s there was a dramatic rise in the research, production and prescribing of medications for chronic pain, and between 1999 and 2010 the number of people who died from these medications quadrupled, and then doubled on top of that between 2010 and 2014.  This presents an interesting but also devastating correlation.  Prescription drugs alone (drugs that are supposed to “help” us in all honesty) have carried about seventy-five percent of the recent surge in overdose deaths in the United States of America.  For Indiana specifically, prescription drugs have also had a very bad effect there.

    Addressing Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Indiana with Indiana Inpatient Addiction Rehab Centers

    There is no doubt about the simple fact that the absolute best way to address a drug and alcohol addiction problem anywhere is with the help of an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization.  These are the centers and the programs that do the most good and that help the most when it comes to addressing drug and alcohol addiction and all that goes into these very concerning problems and crisis issues.

    The fact of the matter is that truly the only way to end addiction in Indiana is with the help of Indiana inpatient addiction rehab centers.  Indiana inpatient addiction rehab centers offer the best services available for addressing drug and alcohol addiction because Indiana inpatient addiction rehab centers utilize both detoxification and rehabilitation alike to work on and through drug and alcohol addiction and all that goes into these problems and crisis issues.  With Indiana inpatient addiction rehab centers, anyone can finally win against drug and alcohol addiction and can keep winning.

    Indiana inpatient addiction rehab centers work to address all of the many aspects and facets of drug and alcohol addiction.  That is what makes them so successful and helpful.  Indiana inpatient addiction rehab centers focus on both the chemical addiction by utilizing detoxification, and they address mental addiction weigh counseling and therapy.  In the end, this is the best approach for addicts in Indiana, because Indiana inpatient addiction rehab centers will be able to give them their lives back and give them a second chance that they desperately need and want.

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    This is arguably the biggest difference in non 12 step drug rehab. Traditional programs look at issues with dependence as an acute problem, the primary problem. Meanwhile, alternative treatment methods look to the underlying causes to solve why someone turned to drugs and alcohol in the first place. It is an encompassing approach that does not simplify the problem.

    Rather than accepting the subjugation to a Higher Power and the acceptance that addiction is an indefinite problem, non 12 step addiction treatment focuses on internal motivation. This is the only way to encourage someone to accept the fact that they alone are capable of overcoming their problem.

    Unlike the traditional 12 step program, alternative programs are not unforgiving or rigid. These programs offer highly individualized treatment plans. This means patients are able to move at their own pace, rather than stay behind if they cannot keep up or being forced to sit idly by if they move faster than expected.

    Addiction science is clear on the fact that there is both neurobiological and psychological evidence that a reward-based incentive system as found in non 12 step programs is far more successful than other forms of treatment.

    Learn more about successful non 12 step drug recovery in Indiana. Call 1-844-259-4078