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    There is a major problem and crisis issue that has been affecting the nation in a lot of different ways for many years now.  This has been the crisis that is drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general.  Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, in general, is now the nation’s most concerning health related issue of the 21st century, and it is on the top ten list of most concerning aspects of life in the United States of America in the 21st century too.

    Addiction to drugs and alcohol and substance abuse, in general, is certainly a damaging and dangerous addiction crisis, to say the least.  It really is.  Drug and alcohol addiction robs people of their lives and has a very harsh effect on them, to say the least.  Drug and alcohol addiction kills about a hundred and twenty-thousand Americans each and every year.  Drug and alcohol addiction has now stricken about twenty-three million Americans in the United States of America, making for a big problem, to say the least.  All in all, this is a big problem and a nerve-wracking crisis issue, to say the least, and it has been for some time now.

    While all states definitely do struggle with drug and alcohol addiction in one way or another, some states suffer from the problem more severely and in different ways than others do.  Case in point, Mississippi has a very unique drug and alcohol addiction problem and some would say that it is one of the worst in the nation too.  For example:

    • Mississippi has easily by far the highest number of emergency-room visits related to heroin in the entire country with 24,627 visits in the year of 2011 alone (the latest year for which records exist) compared with 12,015 in the city of New York. In Mississippi, 35% of substance-abuse treatment admissions are for heroin, compared with only 16% nationwide.  Obviously, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in Mississippi is a big deal and an even bigger problem.
    • The heroin epidemic in the nation today is sadly hitting young adults too more than any other age group in Mississippi.  The use of heroin among Americans aged 18-25 increased by no less than 109 percent from the year 2002-2004 and again in 2011-2013. For Americans 26 and older, it increased by no less than 58 percent.  Unfortunately, the future of the state of Mississippi is looking pretty grim with more and more Americans becoming addicted to heroin.

    Addressing Addiction in Mississippi with Mississippi Inpatient Drug Rehab

    Although people of the age of 18 to 25 are without a doubt more at risk for heroin use by far, according to the CDC, on average, heroin is a drug for slightly older adults probably because it is perceived as being riskier (and rightly so too) and because most heroin users have used other drugs in the past too, so they know what they are dealing with. In fact nine out of ten people who use heroin use it with at least one other drug, most with at least three other drugs.  Both young and old adults alike use this drug in Mississippi.

    It is more prevalent now more so than ever before that this state needs Mississippi inpatient drug rehab.  A Mississippi inpatient drug rehab is an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization.  These treatment centers more so than any others is successful and able to help Mississippi addicts.

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    Finding the best possible inpatient treatment center is not just about making sure that the patient does not have access to drugs or alcohol. It means that they are in a safe place where they are able to go through intensive therapy to understand their triggers, and how they can take control of their life to have a successful future.

    Yes. Inpatient rehab offers at least four times the amount of success than outpatient rehab treatment. Even though outpatient therapy is seen as more “convenient,” it offers minimal chance of success.

    Inpatient rehab or residential rehab is certainly more expensive due to the added staff, facilities, amenities and all parts needed for a location to be operational 24/7. However the cost must be weighed against its benefits and what being clean and sober is worth.

    Though someone struggling with addiction will eventually want to live a normal life, limiting contact during treatment has is a tremendous benefit. Being able to shut those out who have a negative influence (at least temporarily) increases the likelihood of the patient remaining sober. Eventually they become more adapt at dealing with negative outside influences in a constructive manner.

    In addition to the detox processes and wide range of mental and physical therapies; inpatient rehab also focuses on the future of the individual in recovery and the eventual transition into long-term sobriety. By being in a safe, secure place to get to the underlying root of the problem, individuals are far more likely to avoid relapse in the future.

    Learn more about successful inpatient alcohol recovery in Mississippi. Call 1-844-259-4078