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    Best South Dakota Inpatient Drug Rehab

    Drug and alcohol addiction has for seventeen years now been a growing and an expanding problem the likes of which this country has never seen before.  Now more than ever it is a problem and a crisis issue that is on its way up and up and up and up with no sign or clear indication of it coming down any time soon.  This is a big problem, and it appears to be here to stay.

    The key factor that makes drug and alcohol addiction and just general substance abuse problems in general so dangerous and worrisome is the sheer voracity and prevalence of addiction.  No state is safe from it.  All states suffer from it in some way or another.  No state does not have addicts in it.  All states in some way are affected by the constantly disturbing and worrisome addiction crisis.  The fact of the matter is, this problem just keeps going on and on with no clear sign of it ever coming down or relaxing any time soon.

    How does one go about addressing the drug and alcohol addiction problem that has struck the nation?  One goes about addressing it by entering drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation into the equation.

    Why Full South Dakota Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers is Necessary

    A study published in the journal, “Addiction”, went into this factor quite extensively.  This study indicates for us that people who went to rehab and actually committed to rehab and who received further treatment within 30 days of completing detox were up to 10 times less likely to relapse while those who were just completing detox alone relapsed at rates between 65 and 80 percent.

    What this means for anyone considering to go to detox and to just do detox by itself is that detox combined with actual rehab is exponentially more effective than just detox.  Furthermore, detox combined with rehab which is then combined with aftercare is far more effective than just detox or just detox and rehab.

    This could not be more important in the state of South Dakota, as those who suffer from addiction in South Dakota really will need all of the help that they can possibly get.  The way it breaks down is that, if all three essential, crucial components are applied to the addict in such a way that he or she can actually benefit from them, then he or she will have a sixty percent chance of maintaining a lifetime of recovery and sobriety without relapsing after they complete the program.

    The same math has a flip side to it, though.  For example, if a South Dakota addict only does detox and rehab, he or she is looking at a forty to fifty percent chance of success. If only detox is applied, it’s more like a five percent success rate all in all.  That’s why such addicts have to go to a full South Dakota inpatient drug rehab center.  Only these rehab centers can fully do the trick.  The problem here is that most addicts only want to do detox and then get on with their lives, even though that means that there is a ninety-five percent chance that they will relapse in the long run.

    South Dakota inpatient drug rehab centers hold the keys to recovery for those in this state who are finally considering getting off of drugs and alcohol once and for all and for good.  This could be their best shot.  This could be their victory.  This could be the moment that they have been waiting for.  This could be that shot that gives them the recovery that they need.  This could be that ace in the hole that saves them for the rest of their lives.

    Most Insurance Accepted

    This is arguably the biggest difference in non 12 step drug rehab. Traditional programs look at issues with dependence as an acute problem, the primary problem. Meanwhile, alternative treatment methods look to the underlying causes to solve why someone turned to drugs and alcohol in the first place. It is an encompassing approach that does not simplify the problem.

    Rather than accepting the subjugation to a Higher Power and the acceptance that addiction is an indefinite problem, non 12 step addiction treatment focuses on internal motivation. This is the only way to encourage someone to accept the fact that they alone are capable of overcoming their problem.

    Unlike the traditional 12 step program, alternative programs are not unforgiving or rigid. These programs offer highly individualized treatment plans. This means patients are able to move at their own pace, rather than stay behind if they cannot keep up or being forced to sit idly by if they move faster than expected.

    Addiction science is clear on the fact that there is both neurobiological and psychological evidence that a reward-based incentive system as found in non 12 step programs is far more successful than other forms of treatment.

    Learn more about successful non 12 step alcohol recovery in South Dakota. Call 1-844-259-4078