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Most rehabs are too short, provide only group therapy, use replacement drugs on their patients and as a result see 7-9% success rates. Quality programs with high success rates do exist but can be difficult for most patients to find.

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Successfully Stop A Cocaine Addiction

Nationwide Successful Drug Rehab Programs

Every type of addiction is potentially life threatening. That said, many experts would agree that one of the more difficult to successfully end is cocaine. Every year more and more lives are lost to cocaine addiction. For this reason it becomes critical to understand that not all rehabilitation programs are the same. Finding the very best cocaine rehab treatment may be the difference between life and death for a loved one.

Most cocaine rehabs today only provide 3 days of medical detox and then 28 days of group therapy (12 step) and all the while telling patients they are diseased and incurable. This is not very effective. Unfortunately, success rates are exceptionally low for most rehab facilities in the US. The accepted norm is somewhere in the 5-10% success category, leaving nearly 90% to relapse.

As a result, the majority of cocaine drug rehab programs implement 'drug replacement therapy'. Though this is presented as being safe, most find that this therapy simply replaces one drug for another and further drug abuse and addiction occurs. Lives continue to be lost as the money simply changes hands from paying street drug dealers to doctors and pharmaceutical companies making billions per year from these equally addictive replacements.

These top rated cocaine rehab centers know that while most drug addictions are considered psychological in nature (that it is all mental), a cocaine addiction is both psychological and physiological. Quality facilities devote the time needed (usually 90 days or better) to treat both the underlying emotional AND physical components to this addiction to produce successful results.

The only sure way to resolve a cocaine addiction is to get someone strong enough that they can fully confront and resolve the underlying physical and emotional issues that cause the addiction. The best cocaine rehabs in the country tend to be longer than the traditional 28 day model but are well worth the extra time. They are very often non 12 step drug rehabs. This means they do not believe in indoctrinating their patients with the idea that they are somehow incurably diseased and "once an addict always an addict."

Instead, the better rehab programs work to provide intensive one-on-one counseling, long term physical treatment and therapy and they do not engage in drug replacement therapy. Their success rates are typically close to 80%.

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THERE ARE cocaine rehab facilities that are able to provide excellent recovery rates. A number of top rated drug rehabs have 70-90% efficacy. Let us help you do all you can to find the best cocaine rehab treatment possible so that you can get past addiction and back to living.

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