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Trying To Find Successful Drug & Alcohol Rehab Can Be Overwhelming

Most rehabs are too short, provide only group therapy, use replacement drugs on their patients and as a result see 7-9% success rates. Quality programs with high success rates do exist but can be difficult for most patients to find.

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Why Inpatient Drug Rehab In Arizona Is A Must

Girl Freedom There are many reasons why someone may try an outpatient program or have helped loved ones to get out-patient addiction treatment. They are more convenient to attend and can be very affordable, even sometimes free. Unfortunately, the success rates for outpatient drug rehab programs are extremely low. It can vary a bit by the type of addiction but most studies place success rates at around 3%.

There are many reasons for this but most experts agree that for serious addictions, outpatient treatments are ineffective at getting to the core of an addiction. The result is most often some form of drug replacement therapy and a person who is constantly relapsing. In addition to the continued use of drugs or alcohol, the constant relapses often lead to hopelessness about staying sober which then leads to failed marriages, lost jobs, DUI's, accidents and overdoses.

For any serious or long term addiction, inpatient drug rehab is highly recommended. Residential/inpatient drug rehab recovery options are found in many forms but the primary purpose is having the person stay somewhere during their treatment so one can focus on healing, without the interruption of daily life to open the door to using drugs or alcohol.

Most residential drug and alcohol treatment centers administer what is called the traditional model of care. This is usually 28 days of 12 step counseling (group therapy - similar to AA or NA) but is under one roof and the person lives there so the risk of relapse is minimized.

Happy Man While this is better than an outpatient program, the reality is that even these 28 day treatment options are not highly successful in most cases. Nationally, the average success rate is somewhere close to 10% - which means a very high relapse rate still exists.

Not all inpatient drug and alcohol rehabs are alike. The type of care, treatment and counseling provided in the various rehabilitation programs will have a lot to do with lasting sobriety. There are many residential drug rehab centers that have success rates that are 70% and higher.

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Business Woman On Phone With more than a dozen counselors each with years of experience, they can help you quickly understand various options that will best suit the needs for you or your family in selecting an inpatient drug rehab program.

Issues like location and availability of the top rated inpatient drug rehab facilities; the cost for the most successful residential drug rehab centers; length of stay for the best inpatient drug treatment options – these issues and others can be discussed with confidential trained counselors at no cost.

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