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Trying To Find Successful Drug & Alcohol Rehab Can Be Overwhelming

Most rehabs are too short, provide only group therapy, use replacement drugs on their patients and as a result see 7-9% success rates. Quality programs with high success rates do exist but can be difficult for most patients to find.

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The Best Louisiana Drug Rehab Programs

Nationwide Successful Drug Rehab Programs

The drug problem in our state is one of the worst in the country, yet it can be very difficult to find quality drug rehab programs in Louisiana.

95% of all Louisiana drug rehabs are considered 'traditional' treatment protocol. This means that they are usually 28 days and offer only group therapy (12step methodology). Success rates for these short term 12 step rehab programs are nationally rated at 5-10% recovery with nearly 90% relapse rates. With such low success rates, many rehab centers in Louisiana have resorted to drug replacement therapy. This, of course, simply trades one addiction for another. If you can avoid this route, it is highly recommended that you do so.

Research studies have been conducted to determine why success rates are so low in most Louisiana rehab programs. The primary reason is that 28 days is just too short a period to honestly get to the core of a serious addiction. Most rehabs have assumed a 'less than 30 days' treatment schedule so that insurance companies will help pay for costs. The other issue is the type of therapy - the 12 steps. Most Louisiana drug rehab centers basically provide the same type of counseling that one could receive by going to AA or NA meetings.

The challenge with this form of therapy, which is the norm for many Louisiana drug rehab centers, is that it is nearly all group based. It is very difficult to get to the underlying issues of addiction in a group setting. Furthermore, it is used to indoctrinate patients with the idea that they are powerless over their addictions; that they have an incurable disease; that only a Higher Power can help them and more. Traditional rehabs of this type believe in teaching – once an addict, always an addict.

Louisiana drug rehabs with 70-90% success rates do exist.

When we finally decide to get help for ourselves or to get help for a loved one it is important that we find a Louisiana drug rehab treatment that works. If we do not succeed in finding a successful drug rehab program the person who is treated comes home and eventually fails and feels terrible about betraying those who tried to help. Subsequently, the family experiences this loss both emotionally and financially. And with the addiction unresolved, lives are lost.

The best Louisiana drug rehab centers are usually longer term (90 days or so); provide one-on-one counseling; cognitive therapy and life skills courses. They are usually non 12 step in nature and do not believe that the client is incurable at all. For this reason success rates are more than 5X that of traditional rehabs and they have proven that one does not have to remain an addict for life.

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THERE ARE drug and alcohol rehab centers in LA that provide excellent success rates of sobriety. A number of top rated drug rehab facilities have 70% or higher success rates.

Let us help you do all you can to find for yourself or a loved one the best drug rehab treatment possible, and get past addiction and back to living.

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