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    The Best OxyContin Rehab Centers

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    Read the papers, talk to law enforcement, visit an ER or simply survey your neighbors – synthetic opiate addiction is the drug epidemic of our generation.

    The need for finding good, effective OxyContin drug rehabs is the top request in the rehabilitation field today. The problem is that most oxycodone treatment centers do not produce high levels of success. In fact, if you read many of the medical journal studies on the internet you will find that most traditional oxy rehab programs have less than 10% success rates. Most relapse after the typical 12 step/28 day stay. This is in large part due to the fact that they tell patients their opiate addiction is a ‘disease’ and incurable and that they must use drug replacement therapy (suboxone or methadone) to manage their addiction. For most, this causes them to feel worse and they simply give up and go back to drugs.

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    Successful OxyContin rehab protocols almost always consist of long term treatment (90 days or better) and are nearly always non-diseased based. This means that they do not use the 12 steps (non 12 step cognitive therapy model is used instead) and these programs do not indoctrinate patients into believing they have some type of incurable illness. Instead, it is very much the opposite as they approach oxy rehab treatment in what many consider to be the decision based model or responsibility based model of therapy.

    The most significant advantage of attending this better type of OxyContin rehabilitation program is that success rates far exceed the 3-10% that is common in traditional rehabs. For example, many of the 90 day or longer oxycodone drug rehab centers routinely publish 70-90% success rates. What’s more is that this success is without the use of drug replacement therapy (suboxone or methadone). Patients leave an oxy rehab program of this type and remain drug free without relapse. When provided longer better care with therapy that is non-disease based, patients realize that the age old “once an addict always an addict” is simply not true.

    This is where we can assist you!

    With more than a dozen counselors each with years of experience, they can help you quickly understand various options that will best suit the needs for you or your family.

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    Issues like location and availability of the top OxyContin drug treatment centers; the cost and success rates; length of stay for the best oxy rehab options – these issues and others can be discussed in confidence with trained counselors at no cost.

    THERE ARE still some powerful and life changing OxyContin rehab treatment programs in the US. Do not simply continue doing what has not worked with 12 step and drug replacement therapy as that is no way to cure the underlying issues.

    Once we hear what your specific needs are we can do our best to help you find top rated OxyContin rehab centers to get you past the addiction and back to living.

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    The abuse of this drug is not confined to a specific demographic – high school students are just as likely to abuse the drug as are retirees, and each group is just as prone to develop a tolerance to dosage and form addiction.

    People are sometimes confused about the difference between Oxycontin and oxycodone. Oxycontin is the brand name of a pharmaceutical drug that contains a pure form of oxycodone. Oxycodone can also be combined with acetaminophen or aspirin and sold by other names such as Percocet and Percodan.

    Common slang names for the drug are oxy, ox and OC; as well as blue, hillbilly heroin, kicker and oxycotton.

    • Unethical doctors over-prescribing for the money. In 2011, the Obama administration took note of the prescription drug abuse problem in America and recognized the need for legislation and mandated training before doctors are able to prescribe this powerful narcotic.
    • Children and teenagers stealing the pills from medicine cabinets to take themselves or share them with classmates, and/or sell them on the streets or in school for extra money.
    • Storefront pain management clinics, known as pill mills, prolifically opened across the country, most notably Florida. People go to these clinics to obtain oxy without a prescription. In fact, the 75 freeway has become known as the “Oxy Express,” which referred to the large number of people who travel down to Florida from as far away as Kentucky, Ohio and Maine buy the drug for their own use, and/or sell on the black market in their hometown.
    Learn more about successful OxyContin recovery programs. Call 1-844-259-4078