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Trying To Find Successful Drug & Alcohol Rehab Can Be Overwhelming

Most rehabs are too short, provide only group therapy, use replacement drugs on their patients and as a result see 7-9% success rates. Quality programs with high success rates do exist but can be difficult for most patients to find.

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Successful Drug Rehab Programs Are Available

Girl Freedom We read the papers and hear from friends and family members that drug rehab treatment often fails. As we search for recovery assistance we fear that if we spend the time and money to get a loved one into treatment that they still may not succeed.

It is critical then, that when we finally decide to get help for ourselves or a loved one that we find drug rehab treatment that works. If we do not succeed in finding a successful drug rehab program, the person who was treated comes home, eventually fails and ultimately feels terrible about betraying those who tried to help. Subsequently, the family experiences this loss both emotionally and financially; and with the addiction unresolved, lives are lost.

Happy Man There is so much misinformation out today regarding where to look for the best drug rehab treatment options and/or what successful drug rehab programs should really provide. Most do not know that common traditional 28 day rehab programs make up more than 90% of the drug rehab centers – and that these traditional drug and alcohol rehabs have less than 10% success rates. This means that 90% of our loved ones relapse and do not get better.

When families determine that drug or alcohol rehab is needed for someone, quick action is usually necessary. The luxury of time to study and become familiar with the entire industry and how to sort through what makes up the most successful drug rehab options is just not a realistic option. Simply put, compressed time is a primary problem in finding the top rated drug rehab programs.

This is where our nonprofit helpline can assist you!

With more than a dozen counselors each with years of experience, they can help you quickly understand various options that will best suit the needs for you or your family.

Business Woman On Phone Issues like location and availability of the top drug rehabs; the cost for the most successful rehab programs; length of stay for the best drug treatment options – these issues and others can be discussed with confidential trained counselors at no cost.

THERE ARE drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers that provide excellent success rates of sobriety. A number of top rated drug rehab facilities have 70% or higher success rates. Let us help you do all you can to find for yourself or a loved one the best drug rehab treatment possible so that you can get past addiction and back to living.

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