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    A Solution That Works

    As we search for top rated addiction recovery program, we fear that if we spend the time and money to get a loved one into treatment that they still may not succeed.

    It is critical that when we finally decide to get help, we find alcohol rehab treatment that works.

    There is Hope

    Non 12 step inpatient rehabs offer a permanent solution to alcohol addiction with success rates exceeding 70%!

    Traditional 12 step programs use the steps to tell patients that they are victims, diseased and incurable. The NON 12 step model is very much against this philosophy. Instead, these top rated inpatient alcohol rehabs believe in empowering the individual with self-awareness, self-confidence, life skills and the ability to confront the underlying issues that led them to addiction.

    Works for Anyone

    Non 12 step programs are non-faith and non-religious in nature. Some doctors call this successful inpatient treatment “science based” rehabilitation due to the fact that it addresses the underlying issues with cognitive therapy, other one-on-one counseling and education to assist the person in changing their mind and behavior patterns.

    Proven to be Successful

    Non 12 step inpatient alcohol treatment is holistic in nature. There is not the belief in labeling someone as diseased, and are against the idea of drug replacement therapy. This means patients will leave the facility fully drug-free and without dependency on medications such as suboxone, methadone or others.

    The type of care, treatment and counseling provided in the top inpatient rehab programs will have a lot to do with lasting sobriety. One-on-one counseling, non-drugging philosophy and proving the idea that one can cure their addiction have won over many experts, addictionologists and doctors in the last 20 years.

    Let Us Help You!

    With years of experience, let us help you quickly understand various options that will best suit your needs or that of your family.

    Issues like location and availability of the best alcohol rehab; costs and success rates; length of stay for various top rated alcohol treatment options – these questions and others can be discussed in confidence at no cost.

    Let us help you get top rated alcohol rehab treatment so that you can move past addiction and back to living.

    Most Insurance Accepted

    It is important to understand that for the vast majority, treatment is essential to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. Addiction is a developing deep-seeded problem, one that gets worse as time goes on. In most cases, attempting to stop an addiction without proper treatment is likely to lead to relapse and worsening substance abuse issues.

    Actually no. Studies reveal that relapse after attempted treatment instill the idea that recovery is not possible and that there is no help for them. Overdose is also an increased risk after treatment due to the body’s lowered tolerance of narcotics. Choosing the right option is critical.

    Part of it is social and economic reasons, as well as a matter of convenience. The traditional 12 step program was the first broadly used method and was widely adopted due to its ease in application. That has simply become what most people are familiar with due to its accessibility, not workability.

    Absolutely NOT. Today, there are all sorts of inpatient recovery programs available and no two are alike. It is important to understand what they will be doing to end the addiction and not just simply a resort-like location that keeps the individual from their drug of choice for a prolonged period of time. It is important that long-term changes are made to the behavior patterns and that they are given the tools needed to deal with stressors and other temptations in their life – both in and out of treatment.

    Learn more about top rated alcohol recovery treatment. Call 1-844-259-4078