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    Biophysical Rehab

    Biophysical programs are not included in all non 12 step rehab centers but for those that do, success rates are significantly higher. Unfortunately, it may not be possible for the elderly or individuals with certain physical disabilities to include this in their non 12 step drug rehab program. For those that can, biophysical drug rehab treatment addresses the underlying physical aspects of the addiction, which if left unhandled, could prevent a full and lasting recovery.

    There are leftover compounds

    Our bodies attempt to store away toxins of all types in our fatty tissue and other organs in an attempt to protect the central nervous system. During the consumption of drugs and alcohol, micro amounts of these substances are walled off within the body as a protection mechanism.

    Additionally, secondary compounds or byproducts that are created by the liver during its process in breaking down drugs and alcohol are also stored away in the tissues of the body. This residue creates a sick and toxic body condition that nearly any drug or alcohol addicted person can attest to. A full range of illnesses and symptoms ensue which affects sleep, mood, eating patterns, energy level and much more.

    Cravings and Urges to Relapse

    In addition to illness and other symptoms caused by drug toxicity levels, heavy cravings and urges also exist. For many, they do not go away even if the person has stopped using drugs or alcohol for quite some time. This is a direct result of future metabolic releases of the stored residue back into the bloodstream days, weeks, months or even years later. During such events (which can happen very easily), the person can feel unbearable cravings and urges to use their drug of choice, no matter the consequences. This is a large part of why relapse occurs after a person has previously completed a seemingly successful drug rehab program.


    Use natural supplements to cure

    Biophysical drug rehab programs directly address this issue to a complete and thorough end result through holistic detox and no drug replacement therapy.

    Using only nutritional supplements and natural remedies; no new drugs are used in the process. Certainly, some may need short-term, traditional medical detox prior to biophysical rehab. But after that short period of medical treatment (3-10 days in most cases), the person leaves a medical detox facility to complete a long-term holistic rehab.

    This way, the person is sure to be the most comfortable during withdrawals, and later achieving a complete body detoxification for increased mental clarity, stability and physical well-being. When completed, people frequently report feeling like they have a ‘new body’.

    Most Insurance Accepted

    Biophysical rehab focuses on helping people deal with the biochemical effects of drugs and alcohol. It is important to understand that the human body metabolizes drugs and alcohol through the kidneys and liver. When this happens, particles called metabolites are left behind. These metabolites can be stored in the organs and fatty tissues of the body. These can ultimately be released back into the bloodstream, which causes intense cravings for the drug or alcohol. Biophysical rehab deals with flushing the system of those metabolites.

    Heavy cravings and urges to use exist in addition to illness and other symptoms. Even after some time, these do not go away if the person stops using altogether. This is because of the future metabolic releases of the stored residue. This can lead to unbearable cravings, which could ultimately lead to relapse. By dealing with these deposits rather than allowing them to release naturally, biophysical rehab ensures that there are no immediate or long-term physical cravings.

    Standard detoxification means that a user simply “goes through the process” and is sometimes given medication to deal with the intense withdrawal symptoms. However, the traditional form of rehab does not remove metabolites from the body. These remain stored in the body and can become problematic later on. With a biophysical rehab, it removes the metabolites before they have a chance to release organically.

    While removing cravings is certainly important, it is essential to tailor an effective treatment plan to the addiction and the person. Rehab centers that utilize a biophysical approach understand that no two people are alike, and offer treatment that is tailored to the individual. While traditional programs tend to suggest that addiction is an incurable disease, biophysical drug rehab states that drug addiction can be overcome.

    Answer – Though it is perhaps shocking for most people, these metabolic theories started back in the 1960’s. During this time, it was found that drug use could cause a metabolic change in the body. Work by Marie Nyswander and Vincent Dole revealed that drug metabolites were fat bonding entities that could leave a semi-permanent mark on the body.

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