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Addiction To Ecstasy Threatening To Ruin Hopes And Dreams Of 22-Year-Old Man

Saturday, Jun. 30th 2012

Caller: 25-year-old man calling on behalf of 22-year-old college roommate

Problem: Some cocaine and marijuana, but mostly ecstasy

Seeking: Looking for the best coarse of action for treatment

Reason(s): Caller says that both he and his friend are from the same small rural town where everyone knew everyone else. After they both moved away from their hometown to a much larger city for college, they no longer faced the same social scrutiny that they had become accustomed to. Caller states, “I was exposed to a completely new way of life, new ideas, and new people. Whereas I found new people to hang out with, my friend found drugs.” Caller states that he believes that the friend struggling with addiction started doing drugs in order to become part of “their world.” Caller states that his friend tried a little bit of cocaine, some marijuana, but ecstasy made a negatively profound impact. According to the caller, his friend started using ecstasy more frequently and surrounded himself with people that also used it, even started looking down on people that did not use the drug. After being roommates for the first two years on campus, he believes it was his own unwillingness to use ecstasy that caused his roommate to move off campus and move in with others. Caller believes ecstasy has robbed his friend of the ability to be in touch with reality and wonders what the best course of action would be for his friend if he could make it clear to him that he has a problem with ecstasy abuse.

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