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    Caller Wants Information For Friend With Heroin Addiction Who Has Lost All Hope

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    Caller Wants Information For Friend With Heroin Addiction Who Has Lost All Hope

    Caller: 35-year-old male calling on behalf of his 38-year-old male, friend

    Problem: Friend depressed over unresolved heroin addiction

    Seeking: Alternative rehab and possible detox treatments

    Reason(s): Caller is interested in finding out information for his friend that is struggling with a heroin addiction. According to the caller, friend has hit rock bottom. Caller states that his friend is addicted to shooting heroin and does not know where to get help or advice on how to stop. Caller states that his friend has no family, no children, and the other “friends” that he talks to are addicts as well. Caller states that his friend realizes that he is over his head when he said, “I have had many people die throughout the years and still can’t bring myself to stop in the slightest. I think about it from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep.” As discussed, caller states his friend does not appear to have a goal in life save for finding where and when he can get his next fix. After sitting down with his friend, caller says that his friend confided that he wants to have a family someday, children, a wife, a good job but heroin has completely overtaken everything. When the 38-year-old male is not sleeping on caller’s couch, caller fears that he may be sleeping on the street somewhere. Looking for information regarding rehab and whether or not it is plausible to detox without professional help.

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    2 Responses to “Caller Wants Information For Friend With Heroin Addiction Who Has Lost All Hope”

    1. It is not plausible to do detox without professional help. This is base on experience. I have a friend also that is suffering from drugs. She doesn’t want her parents to know about her addiction, so every time she is being asked about it,she always denied vehemently. She tried very hard to stop taking heroin for almost a month but she becomes weak and experience seizures and soon enough she begin looking for heroin to take again. That’s the time that I told her parents and they brought her to a long term rehab center, where professional helps are being given to her. That was two years ago, now she is living a happy life. Last year she completed her bachelor’s degree.

    2. It sounds like the friend is looking for help at the right time. With so many around this fellow not making it, and where his thoughts are, I would recommend professional detox to help him get through it. I’ve seen friends go through heavy withdrawals, but finally make it out the other end. A good biophysical rehab should help him handle the rest naturally so he can get on with the life he would love to have.

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    The traditional 12 step approach looks at drug and alcohol addiction as an incurable disease. This disheartens many and makes people feel as though they are at a constant disadvantage when battling addiction. Non-traditional programs treat drug and alcohol addiction as a serious problem that can be fully addressed and resolved through treatment that is based on science and empirical evidence.
    The issue with 12 step programs is that they were the first real drug and alcohol addiction treatment offered to the public. Because many realize that addiction is something that they cannot overcome by themselves, popularity boomed quickly. While the research now shows 12 step programs are almost as effective as doing nothing at all, they are still the first name associated with drug addiction by virtue of "being first."
    Not all non 12 step programs are the same, which makes it important to find the right program for you or your loved one. It is important to find a long-term, holistic treatment option that treats each patient as an individual.
    It is impossible to determine exactly how much non 12 step treatment costs without knowing more specifics about the prospective patient. Some programs charge more than others do. This again highlights the importance of finding a program that not only meets your needs, but is also affordable. Fortunately, many programs work with a sliding pay scale or allow you to pay for treatment in installments.
    This depends on the programs and on your insurance. More and more insurance companies are realizing the need for proper alternative drug treatment and extending coverage. This is due to the better results offered by a holistic approach and the financial benefits of most patients not relapsing.
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