The awareness of Non 12 Step Rehab has exploded in the last 5 years. Besides educational editorials, this blog includes periodic snapshots of callers seeking non 12 step rehab treatment and their reasons why.

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Friend Abusing Prescription Medication Intended For Cancer-Ridden Aunt

Nov. 10th 2012

Caller: 45-year-old man calling on behalf of his 25-year-old cousin

Problem: Fentanyl addiction

Seeking: Biophysical detoxification option

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Impaired Nurse, Seeking Holistic / Non 12 Step Rehab Options For Opiate Addiction

Apr. 21st 2011

Caller: 37 year old woman

Problem: Opiate addiction; using morphine / fentanyl / hydrocodone and others

Seeking: Non disease rehab; non 12 step rehabs

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Impaired Nurse Seeking Non 12 Step Rehab That Will Not Use Drug Replacement Therapy

Dec. 9th 2010

Caller: 50 year old woman

Problem: Using needles; dilaudid, fentanyl, oxycontin, morphine and others similar

Seeking: Non 12 step rehab treatment; biophysical rehab program for opiate addiction

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