The awareness of Non 12 Step Rehab has exploded in the last 5 years. Besides educational editorials, this blog includes periodic snapshots of callers seeking non 12 step rehab treatment and their reasons why.

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41 Year Old School Teacher Seeking Non 12 Step Drug Rehab Options In TN

Jul. 28th 2011

Caller: 41 year old female

Problem: Buying methadone (40 mgs) off the street; also oxycontin and roxy

Seeking: Wants non 12 step drug rehabs only; feels NA or 12 step is not helping her

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Judge Agrees To Long Term Non 12 Step Rehab Vs. Jail Time For Repeat Offender

Nov. 25th 2010

Caller: Brother of 28 year old man

Problem: Oxycontin, roxicodone and heroin

Seeking: Long term rehab, Non 12 step rehab for opiate addiction

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