The awareness of Non 12 Step Rehab has exploded in the last 5 years. Besides educational editorials, this blog includes periodic snapshots of callers seeking non 12 step rehab treatment and their reasons why.

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Help Needed For Mother Of Two With Valium Addiction

May. 5th 2014

Caller: 36-year old man calling on behalf of his wife

Problem: Valium addiction

Seeking: Long-term, inpatient program for Valium and alcohol addiction

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Mother Seeks Help For Teen Daughter With Valium Addiction

Feb. 24th 2014

Caller: 42-year old mom calling on behalf of her teenage daughter

Problem: Valium addiction

Seeking: Rehab program with counseling that specializes in teen addiction

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Mother Of Four Children Addicted To Percocet And Other Pain Killers

Nov. 27th 2011

Caller: Sister of 42 year old woman

Problem: Valium, Oxycodone and Percocet addiction

Seeking: A successful alternative to 12 step therapy

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