The awareness of Non 12 Step Rehab has exploded in the last 5 years. Besides educational editorials, this blog includes periodic snapshots of callers seeking non 12 step rehab treatment and their reasons why.

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Man Wants Help For Friend With Alcohol Addiction

Aug. 5th 2014

Caller: 21-year old man calling on behalf of his friend

Problem: Alcohol addiction

Seeking: Alcohol addiction treatment with possible interventionist

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What Justin Bieber Tells Us About the Teenage Drug Trend

Jun. 30th 2014

Is Justin Bieber an Example of Today's Youth?The recent arrest and subsequent deposition of Justin Bieber for both Xanax and marijuana highlights a growing issue amongst American teenagers. The number of teens who abuse prescription medication and the number of teens who use marijuana has grown steadily over the last few years. This is according to the latest reports from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

In fact, according to the recent survey, almost 25 percent of 12th graders admitted to having smoked cannabis in the last month in 2013. Seven percent of 8th graders and 18 percent of 10th graders admitted to the same. In just five short years that means the percentage of 10th graders who use cannabis is up four percent. The use amongst 8th graders is up one percent, and among 12th graders, the use of cannabis has increased by three percent. Especially with a number of states looking at legalization, the attitude towards marijuana use appears to be changing on a national level and it clearly does affect teenagers.

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Marijuana Legalization: Perceived Benefit vs. Actual Issues

Apr. 11th 2014

Legalizing Marijuana could have Dire ConsequencesWhile marijuana legalization is certainly a hot button topic in recent years, the discussion about the drug seems to have switched from sensationally negative to sensationally positive. We see people make bold claims that suggest that smoking the substance may cure cancer, that it is the greatest thing on earth, that it may make prescription medication obsolete, along with many other bold claims.

First, we want to address the fact that cannabis is placed in the same group as heroin. Even though we argue that smoking cannabis can be addictive, it certainly does not lead to the same issues that people experience with heroin, methamphetamine or other extremely dangerous substances. However, just because a kick to the body is less dangerous than a kick to the head does not mean that a kick to the body is good for us. We can apply the same logic to cannabis use.

The world-famous pop star Lady Gaga even recently suggested that she had a serious problem with marijuana addiction. She admits that the drug provided her with a way to self-medicate and deal with anxiety. She now admits to numbing herself to the point where she felt like she was disconnected from many other people around her.

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The Deadly Consequences of Adderall Addiction

Feb. 6th 2014

Dangers of Adderall AddictionAccording to his mother, it was the prescription ADHD medication Adderall that led to Richard Fee’s suicide. Despite the fact that millions of young Americans take this prescription medication in order to relieve problems with Attention Deficit Disorder, it does not necessarily mean that is a safe substance to use for everyone. Because it has become commonplace amongst high school and college students, many people perceive it to be a relatively harmless substance, possibly even helpful when it comes to study. The truth is that as with all other medications, there are a number of dangerous side effects.

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Why The Downward Spiral Of Andy Dick: Some Myths About Drug Addiction

Dec. 28th 2013

Andy-DickAndy Dick, the troubled comedian, has had his share of problems when it comes to the dependence on alcohol and drugs. Recently, his concerned friends attempted to get him help, trying something of an intervention in order to try to make him accept treatment for his problems. However, it was not long until Andy Dick checked himself out of the very program he agreed to attend. This news immediately brought out countless comments across forums on the Internet. While we know that some people in this field have a different idea of what constitutes addiction, some of these comments were uninformed and went against countless scientific studies.

For us, this was the perfect time to address some of the most common misconceptions about those people struggling with dependence. By bringing these myths and misconceptions out into the open, it allows us to address them and give people a better understanding of what addiction is and is not.

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Danny Bonaduce’s Wakeup Call that Addiction Does Not Discriminate

Nov. 2nd 2013

danny-bonaduceThere is a stigma in our country (and around the world) that drug and alcohol addiction only affects people who struggle economically or affects homeless people who are living on the streets. However, the truth is that when it comes to developing problems with dependence, remember that drug addiction does not discriminate. Numerous white collar workers and even celebrities struggle with dependence every day of their lives. One example of this would be Danny Bonaduce. Danny Bonaduce admits that while he was famous for his role in ‘Partridge Family’, he lived behind a dumpster because of his drug addiction. While he had both money and fame, he struggled with addiction at the same time.

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New Synthetic Drugs are Worrying Law Enforcement and Health Officials

Aug. 23rd 2013

officerPolice and physicians believe that a new substance, marketed as an alternative to mescaline or LSD, could very well be the most powerful and possibly, the most dangerous of the synthetic drugs that have come onto the market in recent years. After taking this synthetic hallucinogen known on the street as an “n-bomb,” a 19-year old from the West Valley in Phoenix was placed in a medically induced coma for four days. Physicians caring for the 19-year old suggest that if they had not responded when they did, chances are that the user would have died.

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New York’s Deadly Obsession with Prescription Drugs and Fatal Overdoses

Jun. 28th 2013

Prescription Drug Abuse in New York CityIf you looked up the statistics of the drugs that cause the most fatal overdoses in New York (and the country as a whole for that matter); you may be surprised at the overall ‘winners’. The number of emergency-room visits that were directly related to prescription medication abuse such as Ativan, Valium and Xanax has exploded according to the latest city Health Department analysis. The latest statistics showed that the number of emergency room visits increased to 6,555 – which represents a 111% increase in only six years (2004 through 2010).

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Woman Seeks Treatment For Friend Thrown Out By Her Husband

Oct. 16th 2012

Caller: 32-year-old woman calling about female friend

Problem: Cocaine addiction

Seeking: Inpatient treatment options

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NJ Gov. Chris Christie States Treatment Better Option Than Jail For Drug Addicts

Aug. 7th 2012

Drug Treatment Over Jail TimeGovernor Chris Christie of New Jersey announced a plan that would send drug offenders that commit non-violent crimes to drug treatment rather than to jail. Governor Christie stated he believes it would give people a second chance, save money by not continuously housing people with drug problems, and free up jail space for more serious criminals. The proposal would require anyone that is charged with nonviolent drug crimes to be assessed. From there, it is determined whether the person has a drug problem and whether treatment would be the best option. Even though the plan still requires approval from the legislature, some conservative news outlets are saying that Governor Christie is going “soft on crime” and “soft on addicts.”

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