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    Dad Worried Daughter’s Heroin Abuse May Prove Fatal

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    Dad Worried Daughter’s Heroin Abuse May Prove Fatal

    Caller: 42-year old Dad calling on behalf of his teenage daughter

    Problem: Heroin addiction

    Seeking: Heroin rehab program, possible intervention

    Reason(s): According to the father, something changed within his daughter the first time that she used heroin. He states that he and his daughter have had a tumultuous relationship before, but things worsened when she tried heroin. He said, “Both me and my daughter have never gotten along great, we are not exactly the Brady Bunch type family. Perhaps it is because she took most of her personality from her mother, and there is a reason me and her are divorced.” The dad said that between working a full-time job to keep a roof over their head and trying to be a single parent, he might not have always been available for her. He stated, “Between me working long hours and her mom out of the picture pretty early on in her life, she might have been something of a free spirit.” The caller said he understood that his teenage daughter would drink and experiment with marijuana, but never thought she would allow herself to be tempted by the more dangerous drugs. He stated, “It is probably my fault for not providing enough guidance, but I always did say she needs to stay away from hard drugs; so what does she do? You guessed it. Ever since that time, we have just been fighting constantly when we do see each other. She did not even seem embarrassed to tell me, almost as if she was proud to rub it in my face. I told her she had a curfew, but you try being a strict dad all of a sudden when you have not been that before. She needs professional help and I know I am not the one to give it to her.”

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    One Response to “Dad Worried Daughter’s Heroin Abuse May Prove Fatal”

    1. Good day!

      This is to express my sentiments about the father’s fears for her daughter. First let me say to the dad (and many parents out there) that we can only do so much. Some kids may say they dislike how they are raised or they rebel against parents, especially if they don’t see their ideals in the family or in their elders. This gets us back to the roots of proper parenting which America seems to have taken for granted for like three to four decades already.

      Next, the father should practice tough love. Rehab may sound like an easy way out or the best way to solve the problem. But as soon as he gets to the first step, troubles get in the way. There’s the heavy financial load that comes with getting into the best rehab. Then there’s a likely resistance wherein the daughter would plead, beg for another chance, defy and run away. Actually these are just the possibilities that would soften his heart and veer his right decisions. Many parents compromise NOW to another chance, and it wasn’t long before their kids get into even more dangerous trouble. The dad then must stay on solid ground!

      Lastly, the dad must be ready to commit to helping his daughter all the way through. During rehab, there would be family or group therapy and the dad must be open-minded about what he will learn or hear from the daughter. Often rehabs are a way for families and relationships to actually be overhauled for the better. But it’s also likely not to work because the parents or siblings or spouse or partner of the rehabilitating addict refuses to acknowledge their wrongs. So the dad in this case must be prepared for that, and do his part in making everyone else in the family play their roles well.

      Thank you!

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