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    Daughter Calling On Behalf Of Father Struggling With Methamphetamine Addiction – Seeking Biophysical Rehab

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    Daughter Calling On Behalf Of Father Struggling With Methamphetamine Addiction – Seeking Biophysical Rehab

    Caller: 24-year-old female calling on behalf of 55-year-old father

    Problem: Methamphetamine addiction

    Seeking: Biophysical detox at an inpatient facility

    Reason(s): A 24-year-old female calls about potential rehab possibilities for her 55-year-old father. The caller states that ever since her mother (his wife) passed away due to cancer, her father has gradually withdrawn from interacting with others around him and started experimenting with different types of controlled substances. Having become very lonely, the caller said that one of the few drugs that her father stated “numbed the pain” was methamphetamine. The daughter is not only worried about the long-term health problems that may result because of methamphetamine use, but she is also concerned about the fact that her father has been unable to keep a regular schedule because of his drug use. She states that he has already lost several days’ worth of pay due to being late or simply not showing up at all and believes the next step is unemployment. She understands the dangers involved with methamphetamine (she mentioned a popular television show that illustrated the dangerous aspects of the drug to her) and she is worried that if she does not undertake action sooner rather than later, it may be next to impossible to convince her father to stop using methamphetamine at all. She asks specifically about biophysical detoxification in an inpatient setting because she believes that this may be the best place for her father to be right now.

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    2 Responses to “Daughter Calling On Behalf Of Father Struggling With Methamphetamine Addiction – Seeking Biophysical Rehab”

    1. Sometimes loss of love ones can cause so much pain that when not properly handled with lead to self destruction. This is really a very sad, but… The father wanted to forget the pain of loss but unknowingly putting the weight of the pain to those people who love him and still alive, affecting their lives so much with lots of fear and pain. Good thing for the daughter that she remain strong and brave to seek remedy for his father.

    2. I’m so happy to hear that his daughter has not given up on him. In a similar circumstance a friend did a biophysical program and not only did it help him get off of his pain killers, but also face and work out the situations that caused him to continue to use when no longer needed. Its a good path, stay on it.

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