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    Friend’s Heroin Addiction May Be Exacerbated By Crowd She Hangs With

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    Friend’s Heroin Addiction May Be Exacerbated By Crowd She Hangs With

    Caller: 22-year old female calling on behalf of 21-year-old friend

    Problem: Cocaine addiction

    Seeking: Inpatient recovery program with possible interventionist

    Reason(s): Caller is worried about her lifelong friend’s addiction to cocaine. According to the caller, her friend had a relatively good upbringing and was even considered a high-performing student. She stated that once her friend enrolled in college, something changed, going on to say, “Once she got accepted into college, things changed for her. She started taking psychedelics and was so wrapped up in that entire scene that it turned her onto harder drugs. The friend stated that the eventual drug of choice became cocaine, which led to a severe addiction. She said, “It got to the point where she was taking things from people on the streets, without knowing what she was putting into her body, which is crazy and shows she has a genuine problem.” The long time friend stated that she has tried to address the issue multiple times but does not feel as though she is getting through to her friend. She is interested in learning more about interventions and wants to discuss possible treatment options and arrange a visit from a professional interventionist. The caller is interested in a recovery program that is a considerable distance removed from their current surroundings. She stated, “I think it is good for all parties involved to take a break from each other, and I do believe that in another state, she would have a better chance at recovery.” Arranged for a discussion with an interventionist and gave a list of three recovery programs that were at least 100 miles removed from their current location.

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    One Response to “Friend’s Heroin Addiction May Be Exacerbated By Crowd She Hangs With”

    1. I actually relate so much to the situation being a mom. No matter what best we give in parenting and shaping our kids to be, there’s still that ugly yet powerful peer pressure and stresses in lives of teenagers, esp. those who go to college or those more often out with friends.

      My daughter is what you’d call an “ideal” in every aspect of her life. Growing up, she has always been an achiever, very sociable and fun, sporty and yet even with all these, she’s grounded. Mary Jo was what you’d call the “likely to be most successful” and it’s even indicated in her HR yearbook. And yet it pains me now looking back because all these changed when she went to college.

      Before her freshman year was over, something in MJ just changed. Yes, she was still doing good in school because she passed all her subjects. We weren’t even bothered that she didn’t make “excellent” grades that she set for herself. But we did notice she was distant and when we talked, she mentioned people we kind of had jitters about. Also, MJ began to party more than we’re comfortable about.

      True enough, after schools’ over and we planned to visit and take her back home for a short break, MJ didn’t want the idea. She mentioned something about trying her luck with a band, and she found a boyfriend who’s a drummer and that she’s gonna hang out with the new friends for some gigs in another city. We let her be even if we expected more.

      By the time it was supposed to be school period, MJ just called and said she’s gonna take a break. We insisted that she can pursue her other “dreams” when she gives it another year in college, but our dear daughter wouldn’t hear of it. It wasn’t long before we were called from a hospital in New Orleans because MJ overdosed. When we got there, no boyfriend or band mates or all those “creepy” folks were found. It was then we realized so many things as we took MJ back home.

      After a three month stint at addiction treatment, MJ stayed home for a few more months. As a mom, I couldn’t take her sadness at lost time and opportunities. Still we kept showering encouragements until she decided to go to a community college and pursue her dreams. We wish Mary Jo the best – esp. in being strong against the pressures of the world.

      Moms and dads out there… get your kids ready and make sure they know how to keep away from “friends” and social circles that lead them to the wrong path. What we went through as parents and as a family was so painful. Even more painful, of course, to MJ. We just hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else!!! Just sharing our story!

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