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    Man Seeks Help For His OxyContin-Addicted Son

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    • Man Seeks Help For His OxyContin-Addicted Son...
    Man Seeks Help For His OxyContin-Addicted Son

    Caller: 57-year old man calling on behalf of his son

    Problem: OxyContin addiction

    Seeking: Non-traditional, inpatient treatment options

    Reason(s): The father is seeking a non-traditional treatment program with immediate availability for his son’s OxyContin addiction. According to the dad, his son started using the prescription medication to ‘take the edge off’ after school, but has been unable to keep his use merely recreational. He realizes that his son was in deep financial trouble after he found that his son’s bank account was almost empty after numerous withdrawals. He says that the OxyContin is one thing, but he is increasingly worried that the use of this opiate is going to lead to the use of other substances down the road. He said, “One of the first things I did when I found out what the issue was is look up information online – I was not going to address the issue with him until I had some information about that stuff. When I found that more and more people are turning to heroin because they can’t afford OxyContin, my heart almost sank.” He said that he wants to get his son help right away and does not care if they have to send him out of the state to receive qualified, professional drug treatment. He said that both he and his wife agree that something needs to change immediately, even if it means tapping into the retirement fund a little early.

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    One Response to “Man Seeks Help For His OxyContin-Addicted Son”

    1. I too had an Oxycontin addiction due to a serious car accident I was in when I was in my mid 20’s. I was given 80 40mg tabs, swell as 80 30mg morphine tabs for pain…. Obviosly through the natural biology of what happens you become addicted… It has taken a great deal of time, Money, effort, and family stress to get sober and stay here…
      You Have two major problems facing your family right now. I say your family because it affects, no infects, all aspects of a cohesive family unit.
      a.) The obvious addiction issue and getting him somewhere where you can get him detoxed and start to recover. First the physical comes around, then the mental sharpness comes back along with not being so emotionally mercurial, thirdly the spiritual aspect of having not nessarrily, “GOD” come in and save you but beginning to cultivate within yourself, (or should I say his self) his own moral constitution and set of principles to live a life free of addiction, devoid of purely selfish motive, & thats what addiction is, selfishness at its very core. how many promises has he made to quit, how many little lies do you catch him in. & it doesn’t sound like its really gotten as bad as Ive seen. Hopefully he isn’t steeling from you guys yet, because thats next.. By the point at where your son has reached with his addiction is that he had literally lost the power of choice the sense of craving he experiences creates a level of suffering that you will do a GREAT DEAL to avoid… including things he normally would never do… taking money from your wallets… etc… thats how it starts…
      So, #1get his mind and Body right so when you as a family talk about the future you will be talking to your son, not a representative. That means at least a 30 day in patient program. But your son being so young you want to pick the right place so he has fellow patients to relate to… what does he have in common with a 55 year old divorce with 3 kids, a mortgage and chronic acid reflux problem… absolutely nothing other than the obvious problem that at 55 is still struggling to accept that he has a problem and alcohol/drugs “may” be problematic for him… I know for myself I too was busted, by my parents smoking weed. My father being the staunch republican banker immediately whisked me off to a 28 day in patient program where I was first educated to the bio-pchycho-social implications of how addiction affects next to every aspect of my life and how my “disease” (& yes it does sound like a cop out to label anything self inflicted a disease. However maladies such as Diabetes, or of course cancer one is never questioned or judged on so many levels as to strip oneself of your sense of self, meanwhile helplessly watching your life slip through your fingers like sand in an hour glass unable to do anything to stop it…. Thats addiction in a nut shel….
      My apologies I digress;

      The second main problem facing your 19old oxy fella is that he is 19 years old…. I know akot of sober young people but they ALL are involved in AA. With the stage in life one is at when 19yrs old the majority, 90% of his contemporaries are in the “experimental” stage when it comes to drugs and alcohol… In order for him not to feel constantly on the outside or that he really isn’t “experiencing” college, or whatever other lunacy or rational addicts tell them selves to justify just one, just one drink, smoke, snort, etc.. He has got to develop a sober group of fellas, and ladies too… but at first stick with the guys, for obvious reasons….. He HAS to cut ties with his old using friends, only for 6 months or so, but that is probably the leading factor for kids at that age relapsing. In College its even more precarious because if he doesn’t have any legal, or unpleasant consequence looming over his head as incentive addicts can have that one momentary laps of reason, they call it a “peculiar mental twist” in AA asell as other recovery methods.
      I hope what I said was helpful in any way. Ive got tons more info i Could go over with you if you have time… I really feel for ya and your son. I wish there was someone like me talking to you back when I was 19 and in just about the same predicament.
      please feel free to reach me at (removed by admin for security reasons – contact moderator directly for contact information if desired).

      Oh, side note.. I am not affiliated with any rehabs or recovery centers. I just do what i can in the sober community and I know a great deal of spots and or methods of treatment that would be a good fit for your son…

      Hope this finds you well,


      Christian Brasier

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