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    Brother Worried About Kid Brother’s Inhalant Abuse

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    Brother Worried About Kid Brother’s Inhalant Abuse

    Caller: 19-year old brother calling on behalf of his younger brother

    Problem: Inhalants addiction (also known as huffing)

    Seeking: Non 12 step rehab program

    Reason(s): The older brother believes that his younger brother is actively abusing inhalants; he would like to know more about the issue with inhalants and how he can get his brother to stop using. He said that he found out through Facebook and Snapchat that his brother is actively abusing inhalants. He also said, “I realize that he is relatively young and wants a chance to experiment with illegal substances. But when I read all the information online about the dangers of inhalants, I am just wondering how many brain cells he is destroying right now. It is really terrifying to think that he might have issues later on in life because he is making dumb choices right now.” The brother said that he did not want to get his parents involved right away, primarily because he did not know how they would react. He said, “I did not want to get my mom and dad involved right away. They are very much anti-drug. I know that if I told them, they would flip their lid and go crazy. I really don’t think that he needs an anti-drug speech right now. I think he needs to be told why drugs are bad for him, why this huffing is so dangerous, and I think he needs to find out and understand why he is using in the first place.”

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    One Response to “Brother Worried About Kid Brother’s Inhalant Abuse”

    1. For many people they think kids or adults abusing/using inhalants should just be considered less than drug addicts. This is sooooooooooo wrong. Their abuse/addiction IS addiction and that’s that. This means those abusing inhalants NEED help, and not just to stay away but to ultimately stay off any form of mind-altering medications, substances, drugs, alcohol, etc. Listen up… it’s not just hard core addiction that must be pushed to rehab or therapy… ANYONE who uses anything knowing it’s harmful, unhealthy, illegal and dangerous needs some form of help. Would you wait for your brother to be worse than what he is now? Most likely not!!! Give him the help he needs to end the problem now. Otherwise, count heroin next as his addiction!

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