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    Mom Concerned Daughter’s Meth Addiction Could Cause Her To Lose Her Grandkids

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    • Mom Concerned Daughter’s Meth Addiction Could Cause...
    Mom Concerned Daughter’s Meth Addiction Could Cause Her To Lose Her Grandkids

    Caller: 54-year old mom calling on behalf of her daughter

    Problem: Methamphetamine addiction

    Seeking: Affordable drug treatment that works

    Reason(s): The caller is worried that her daughter’s drug-fueled behavior is going to cause her to lose her grandchildren for good. The caller stated that her daughter has already lost custody of her two children aged 5 and 7 temporarily, and she is worried that the state might make it permanent if she does not deal with her methamphetamine addiction. The mom said, “My daughter was an only child and she was spoiled, I can tell you that much. I do not know if it has to do with her being an only child or her upbringing, but she has been nothing but selfish when it comes to her own kids.” The caller stated that her daughter would leave the children with her for two, sometimes three days at a time. She said, “I do not mind taking care of my grandchildren, but the truth is that they need their mother.” After a recent arrest for drug paraphernalia, Child Protective Services acted on the suspicion of child neglect and after visiting the home, took temporary custody of the children. The caller said, “Who knows, maybe she is just going to go back to her selfish ways, but it might be a little different this time. She seems to understand that her kids are going to be gone forever, and not just with grandma for a little while. This might be the kick in the butt she needs to get clean, but she needs help to do it. That is why we need your assistance in getting the best possible drug rehab program that we can afford.”

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    One Response to “Mom Concerned Daughter’s Meth Addiction Could Cause Her To Lose Her Grandkids”

    1. as single dad to two kids and an older stepson by my wife, this story sounds familiar. love my wife very much, been married almost 9 years. we have kids aged 5 and 3. her son is 14. can say we had it going good till she became bored (so she says) & called up old friends. i blamed myself cuz i wanted her to have fun. after all she was a fulltime mom & i know shes been clean for over 5 years. before long, belinda was hooked & it messed up her duties as a wife. one time the little one was so high in fever while i was at work, she overslept and left the baby shivering, almost blue and at the brink of consciousness. turned out our daughter was suffering from serious urinary track infection. docs told me had to do with junk food diet and unhealthy changing of diapers. i knew something was amiss. hurt so bad but we had to go away until she decided on rehab cuz she didnt want to go. but dont want my kids endangered bec of her habit. now six weeks into rehab, i talked with her parents. they agree we’re gonna need to move to another place & im ok cuz i know we’d have it better there. we’ve spent so much on rehab but its a wise investment cuz its one of those bio physical rehabs. crossing my fingers its gonna be better once she’s out. i know it would be difficult for her but im gonna sacrifice everything so she’s well again. the kids need their mother, yes thats true. but most of all the kids need their mother drugfree & healthy too. so best that the letter sender/caller send her daughter to rehab too. so the kids can have their mom back.

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