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    Daughter’s Amphetamine Addiction May Cause Her Serious Harm Or Jail Time

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    Daughter’s Amphetamine Addiction May Cause Her Serious Harm Or Jail Time

    Caller: 45-year old dad calling on behalf of his daughter

    Problem: Amphetamine addiction

    Seeking: Holistic drug rehab program

    Reason(s): The father states that both he and his daughter have been very close for most of their life, he even described her as a “Daddy’s girl.” However, after a study-abroad trip to Thailand and South Korea he says that he noticed her behavior changed. He said, “After the first few days she would call, call all the time. She would use Skype and try to WhatsApp us if she was near a Wi-Fi connection. However, what started as a daily talk would become fewer and fewer. Eventually we did not hear from her for a week or two…then three.” According to him, he realized that something was different when his daughter arrived home. He said, “I knew that something was wrong when I picked her up. She was quiet, she is never quiet. She refused to look me in the eyes; it was so strange at first.” The caller says that her daughter denied anything was wrong, but it was not until he found crushed up powder on her desk that he realized that something was amiss. The caller stated, “At first she threw a fit, asking how we dared to go into her room, why we did not trust her, blah blah blah. Finally, she came clean. She said that during the unsupervised time they had tried everything ranging from marijuana, to cocaine and amphetamines, all of which were freely available there. She said she felt great when using amphetamines, so it is the one thing she kept using.” The caller says his daughter is supposed to head back to college in a month or two, but he would not be averse to keeping her out of school for the semester or even longer to get her to a holistic drug rehab program. He stated, “The one thing that matters is that she gets clean, anything else can wait.”

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    2 Responses to “Daughter’s Amphetamine Addiction May Cause Her Serious Harm Or Jail Time”

    1. Good call! This is one great thinking dad, huh! There are many young adults and even teens, and those aged 30 above who take amphetamines for granted. They think it’s just as simple as taking a hit — well, they don’t know the real dangers with one use!!! As for those already hooked, the more perils they face. But let’s take a closer look at “first time” hitters of amphetamines. THEY SHOULD KNOW! And if you’re reading this, you sure would KNOW the reason why you should NOT take the “uppers”!

      Among the hazards with recreational use of amps is that it results to paranoia and nervous tension. Uppers after all produces a euphoric effect and create a strain on the circulatory system, causing a sudden, dangerous increase in blood pressure. It’s not any more safe for occasional or light users. The uppers can instead cause depression, days of fatigue and the strong need to take some more hit! Thus it becomes addicting!!! So don’t even say it’s OK to take just one hit.

      On the other hand, heavy amphetamine users would experience deep, long depressions that it leads to suicidal thoughts. Many long-time users would sleep for many hours, even lasting to close to 48 hrs or two days! This results further to malnutrition and lead to suffering of serious diseases and illnesses because of lack of proper food, hygiene and ideal rest.

      It’s important to know as well that mixing uppers and alcohol is a BAD idea. The combination of substances are reported to lead to aggressive, violent and even criminal acts. This is because better sense would be impaired! Just think about taking a hit and then driving… we cannot count anymore how many accidents and deaths on the road has resulted to drinking and taking uppers. Basically its because amphetamines, like many other drugs and designer drugs could alter the user’s perception of speed and distance. You could just imagine the result!

      Suffice it to say, there’s no safe way when one’s “speeding.” Before you do any harm to yourself and to others – DON’T DO IT! And if you’ve tried it once, don’t be fooled by the seemingly OK experience. If you’re an occasional user, STOP NOW! Get help and do what’s right. The brave will ask for help but the fool will not. Be wise! Be strong! Ask for help!

    2. I was a former meth addict and have done a lot of research not only on the drug, but also on the recovery process and success (which is around 10%).
      I strongly suggest a place that offers a cognitive approach with motivational interviewing and rational recovery methods. St. Gregory’s Treatment Center in Iowa is a great place. They are less expensive and offer a good program that really focuses on the problems that the addiction is masking, and will help her get a strong insight to herself and her habits / behavior patterns that are unique to her and her addiction. If the underlying problem is not acknowledged and she is not really aware of what or why she is using she is likely to relapse.
      The program to me is like an in depth look into what the twelve step approach calls their “step 4.”
      Also recommended is The Matrix Institute (California) for meth addiciton, or St. Jude’s (New York) I’ve heard to have a high success rate. Most other places seem to be more about the luxury. Meth poisons everything you’ve ever loved. In the end only she can help herself. I wish you the best of luck finding treatment for your daughter.

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