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    The Importance Of Finding A Rehab Location As A Safe Haven

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    The Importance Of Finding A Rehab Location As A Safe Haven

    Teenage Drug Rehab Centers Must Keep The Kids SafeWhen it comes to having a teen in a rehab facility either as a parent or guardian, it is just as important to know that your teen is safe and secure as it is to know they are receiving the treatment needed in order to get better. A recent incident in North Mississippi illustrates this point. In Dublin, MS, five teens left the supervision of the drug and alcohol treatment facility that they were in after their counselors took them to a local church. After leaving the church, the teens proceeded to run into the woods. This prompted a massive search that included volunteers, police officers, and even a helicopter. Not only did it take a lot of labor, the situation also brought with it the fear for the well being of the five teenagers (temperatures dropped into the twenties overnight, which meant that it was dangerous to be outside for long periods of time). Now while this may seem like it is an isolated incident, it certainly demonstrates the importance of selecting a well-monitored and secured rehab location to keep your teens safe during treatment.

    Trust From The Home Front

    When your teen is going somewhere for treatment, it is already worrisome enough to realize that the problem with drugs and or alcohol has reached a point where professional help is needed. However, one of the most important aspects of rehabilitation, aside from the physical benefit of no longer using drugs or alcohol, is the mental freedom that comes with being able to let go of concerns. No longer having to worry about whether or not an overdose is going to claim your son or daughter, no longer worrying about whether the next call is going to be the police to let you know that your teen has been arrested for something that may be drug related.

    However, if we look at the experiences of those parents or guardians of the five teens in the aforementioned facility, they had to worry about the safety of their children in a place where they assumed that they would just have to worry about addiction – not physical safety. It does not matter whether you are a parent or a guardian, when you relinquish supervision and have someone else take care of your teen; you deserve to know that they are looked after. While it is difficult to pass judgment onto those professionals in Mississippi for doing their job, there should be no reason that these five teens needed to ‘escape’ in the first place. As a parent or guardian, it is in your best interest to realize that your teen is safe.

    Important For The Patient As Well

    Of course, finding a rehab location that is well-monitored and secure goes beyond just having benefits for the parents or guardians who are able to rest peacefully at night. For the teenager struggling with addiction, a rehab location provides a safe haven away from the environment and people that they associate with illicit substances. To put it clearly, many individuals fail when it comes to achieving recovery because of the temptations and opportunities to use alcohol or drugs provided by people they are generally around; a good facility removes these temptations and opportunities. However, it goes beyond that. It provides a feeling that you are secure and that the people surrounding you are working towards a common goal – namely living a life without addiction.

    When it comes to selecting the right treatment facility, one of the main concerns for most people is privacy. They want to make sure that their information remains confidential. This also has to do with feeling protected and safe. Interestingly enough, keeping a rehab facility secure is not just about keeping someone on the inside; it is also about keeping outside influences at bay. Drug rehabilitation can be an emotional process and is certainly not guaranteed to be easy, the last thing someone struggling with rehabilitation wants to do is wonder whether or not his or her privacy is guaranteed. When this happens, the focus is elsewhere instead of it being on their own recovery.

    The Need For Inner Reflection

    Rehabilitation is not just about getting the drugs out of someone’s system. Rehabilitation is a period of time in which to look inwards. This needs to happen without distractions that may otherwise be present in our daily lives. For many people that are struggling with addiction, this means that it may be the first time that they are confronting the reason that they turned to drugs and / or alcohol in the first place. Needless to say, this is not always a pleasant process. Part of the problem with the situation as mentioned earlier, is the fact that the tranquility and sanctity of the facility is disturbed. When that happens, the unspoken agreement that was thought to be present between the facility together with those people in the facility, is broken. All of a sudden, it does not feel as though you are there to receive treatment. Instead, it may feel as though you are being policed. This is counterproductive when it comes to making the most out of the opportunity to get one’s life back on track.

    Ultimately when teens are in a rehab facility, it is an experimental phase where they can see what life is going to be like without alcohol or drugs. For many people struggling with addiction, this is the first time in many years that they have gone without using controlled substances. While certain law enforcement officials seemingly prefer to focus on punishment and limiting access to controlled substances, drug rehabilitation professionals understand that a change from within is what will ensure success in the future. Entering rehabilitation can be a pivotal step, both for parents and guardians as well as for teens. The last thing you want is outside distractions or other problems that may interfere with the process.

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    One Response to “The Importance Of Finding A Rehab Location As A Safe Haven”

    1. I completely agree that getting away from your current surroundings is a great benefit to just getting back to ‘you’. No influences, just plain help to rediscover yourself while ridding your body of the drugs/alcohol that had taken over. My brother-in-law did this and came back a few months later a new man, ‘he’ was back and it was noticeable.

    Most Insurance Accepted

    The traditional 12 step approach looks at drug and alcohol addiction as an incurable disease. This disheartens many and makes people feel as though they are at a constant disadvantage when battling addiction. Non-traditional programs treat drug and alcohol addiction as a serious problem that can be fully addressed and resolved through treatment that is based on science and empirical evidence.
    The issue with 12 step programs is that they were the first real drug and alcohol addiction treatment offered to the public. Because many realize that addiction is something that they cannot overcome by themselves, popularity boomed quickly. While the research now shows 12 step programs are almost as effective as doing nothing at all, they are still the first name associated with drug addiction by virtue of "being first."
    Not all non 12 step programs are the same, which makes it important to find the right program for you or your loved one. It is important to find a long-term, holistic treatment option that treats each patient as an individual.
    It is impossible to determine exactly how much non 12 step treatment costs without knowing more specifics about the prospective patient. Some programs charge more than others do. This again highlights the importance of finding a program that not only meets your needs, but is also affordable. Fortunately, many programs work with a sliding pay scale or allow you to pay for treatment in installments.
    This depends on the programs and on your insurance. More and more insurance companies are realizing the need for proper alternative drug treatment and extending coverage. This is due to the better results offered by a holistic approach and the financial benefits of most patients not relapsing.
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