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    Daughter’s Birth Causes Husband With Multiple Addictions To Seek Rehab

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    Daughter’s Birth Causes Husband With Multiple Addictions To Seek Rehab

    Caller: 27-year old wife calling on behalf of her husband

    Problem: Various narcotics addictions

    Seeking: Long term inpatient treatment

    Reason(s): The caller is married to the man struggling with dependency and says she is sick and tired of the constant worries. She states that her husband is considered a ‘five-time loser’, having already been in the penitentiary for minor offenses five times. The caller stated that she knew her husband had started early in his life with drug use but did not realize that the problem would only get worse later on. The caller said, “When someone you are married to tells you that they are experimenting with powder cocaine and crystal meth, something just changes, your heart drops”. The caller says her husband graduated high school by the skin of his teeth and has a hard time finding a job in this difficult economy. She states, “I have tried to make it clear to him that with this economy, you hold onto any job that you can get. You do not jeopardize it by using drugs.” According to the wife, her begging and pleading did not have much result, but it was the birth of their daughter that made her husband realize that things needed to change. She stated, “When he held his daughter in his arms, he finally realized that something needed to be different, he needed to straighten out his life. I can walk away from him at any point, but with her, he had something that he created and was responsible for.” Because her mother is able to help with raising their daughter temporarily, the wife prefers long-term inpatient treatment for her husband, saying, “If we are going to do this, and I take care of my daughter by myself for a while, it needs to be worth it…we need a program that works.”

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    2 Responses to “Daughter’s Birth Causes Husband With Multiple Addictions To Seek Rehab”

    1. With God, nothing is impossible!

      Is there a way we could get in touch with the people who are mentioned here? Well, I guess not and I respect their privacy. But let it be known that my prayers along with the hundreds of other prayers are with them.

      To the wife and the husband who is on the road to recovery, Jesus saves! Spend time in rehab searching for His guiding light and ask around for a pastor or any spiritual counselor who will lead you to His ways.

      While it’s tragic that you have came to paths of hell through drugs, God is always ready to embrace you into His fold. Seek His word and He will give you rest from the burdens of life, especially addiction. With His blessings, you will not be lost anymore and find it inside rehab to have time to pray, pray and pray some more.

      Let God speak to you in your silence, and He will comfort you in the struggles ahead.

    2. No, you won’t be damned just because you cannot “connect” with God or something. Addiction is a physical, psychological and emotional issue. Don’t for a second believe some crap that prayers will heal you because that’s just bullcrap!!!

      First, talk to someone for help. It doesn’t have to be rehab right away. Find someone who can understand and that person is likely one in the family, or someone you have known for a long time. It’s also cool to find someone who wants to share a life ahead with you, like a girlfriend or partner. They want the best in you, not some psychos who take advantage of your weakness and sell their religion bullshit! Second, get into rehab. Don’t think, oh! I can just go into group therapy or counseling. No, this won’t work. Remember, drugs (or alcohol) is in your body and they have a nasty way of kicking the urge so strong that it makes it difficult without expert hands and minds working on how to get you off the urge. Lastly, make sure that the rehab you choose is inpatient, with highly qualified and experienced caregivers, affordable and within desired location, have great post-rehab facilities, and have excellent success rates.

      While in there, well, pray when you want to if it gives you peace. But don’t believe for a second that praying your way is the only way. It just ain’t.


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    The issue with 12 step programs is that they were the first real drug and alcohol addiction treatment offered to the public. Because many realize that addiction is something that they cannot overcome by themselves, popularity boomed quickly. While the research now shows 12 step programs are almost as effective as doing nothing at all, they are still the first name associated with drug addiction by virtue of "being first."
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