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Non 12 Step Rehab: Long-Term Rehab for Greater Success

CounselingWhen the time Nearly all traditional or 12 Step rehabs in the US deliver a 28 day or 30 day treatment model. This never was based on medical findings of what it takes to get somebody well again. Instead, it began years ago when insurance companies said they would pay for "up to 30 days" of drug or alcohol rehab; and as a result this agreed upon treatment schedule became widely adopted. Unfortunately it is purely money driven and is another reason why 12 step drug rehab programs have such low success rates.

To achieve success rates of 70% or better, without relapse, long-term rehab centers are most often required. Long-term drug treatment is most commonly considered to be a program that last 8 weeks or better; and 90 day rehab programs will be most commonly found in this category of treatment. For those non 12 step alcohol and drug rehab centers that offer 90 day rehab, or in some cases even 'open ended' treatment are, not surprisingly, at the highest end of the spectrum for success rates without relapse.

Why Is Long-Term Rehab Necessary?

Happy CoupleNon 12 step rehab programs focus on the individual and work to get to the 'why' for the person's addiction. This involves one on one counseling, cognitive therapy, education / life skills courses and other treatment to address the emotional side of the addiction. Non twelve step rehab treatment do not usually include group therapy. As such, the process is more involved and time consuming with each patient. For example, with cognitive therapy, the treatment is based on the theory that our cognitions or thoughts control a large part of our behaviors and emotions. Therefore, changing the way we think can result in positive changes in the way we act and feel. Getting to the root of these emotional issues and negative thoughts and behaviors can release the underlying cause of a drug or alcohol addiction. But it also takes considerably more work and time to achieve this.

Additionally there is the matter of physical treatment. Traditional alcohol and drug rehab facilities provide only 3-5 days of detox where necessary. However, non 12 step rehab centers often require long-term treatment so that a biophysical drug detoxification process can be offered as well. This involves nutritional supplements, light exercise and a medical sauna process to trigger the fatty tissues and organs to release stored drug and alcohol residues. This biophysical rehab provides a freedom from any further cravings or urges to use drugs or alcohol afterwards; but can only be found in long-term drug rehab programs that offer non 12 step treatment.

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