Non-Religious / Non-Faith Based Rehab

Non-Faith Based Drug Rehab Programs Put The Individual At Cause

Most people assume that individuals who seek out non-religious treatment in order to battle drug or alcohol addiction do so because they do not adhere to any specific religion. However, the truth is that many people prefer these types of treatment, not because of the absence of religious undertones, but because of the different approach that lies at the heart of the treatment.

Powerless vs. Empowered

The problem with most faith-based treatments is the idea that you as an individual are powerless to overcome addiction. These programs instill the belief that the individual is unable to deal with addiction without admitting that they are powerless to overcome it – does that sound confusing to anyone else? What these treatment centers offer is not rehabilitation, but more of a support group. To call them rehab programs would be giving them too much credit. If you want to believe that you have a problem with addiction that you can only hope to manage, never overcome, this is the right type of treatment for you.

Most non-religious alcohol and drug treatment centers hold the patient accountable for their addiction. They admit that addiction is not something that springs up overnight, the person struggling with addiction took an active role in the formation of the addiction. Because the patient was active in forming addiction, non-twelve step programs believe that the patient needs to take an active role in overcoming their addiction. This is not to say that overcoming addiction is something easy, but it is possible.

Being Free from Addiction

Operating under the belief that addiction is an illness that they could not possibly overcome, it implies the person is ready to accept that they will struggle with sobriety for the remainder of their lifetime. It means that they have to continue attending meetings regularly. It means that they have to accept they are powerless save for the group. One of the main reasons behind drug and alcohol use tends to be poor self-image. The doctrine of these traditional 12-step programs will only strengthen this poor self-image by reminding someone every week that they are a failure without the group. If the choice is between self-empowerment and self-doubt, which of the two would you choose?

The truth is that the vast majority of treatment programs have used the traditional 12-step method, making it difficult to find a program that meets your needs. If you want to learn more about what non-traditional, non-12 step programs can do for you or someone that you care about, you can find additional non-faith based rehab information here.

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